A ‘heartbroken’ Hillary Clinton pins loss on FBI director

Hillary Clinton delivers her concession speech. AP photo.

Hillary Clinton delivers her concession speech. AP photo.

Hillary Clinton blamed her defeat on FBI Director James Comey, telling top campaign contributors the October letter he wrote to Congress about a probe of her emails halted her momentum and that the second letter recommending no criminal charges galvanized Republicans days before the election.

In a conference call with supporters on Saturday, Clinton said she was “heartbroken” by the defeat to Republican Donald Trump and deeply concerned about his campaign promises, according to one person on the call.

“I am deeply saddened we’re going to have to face this,” she told the donors, according to the participant on the call. “We have to stand together for the country.”

The participant said she pointed to outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s letter as a call to action urging the donors to stay involved in Democratic politics. In the letter, Reid called Trump a “sexual predator who lost the popular vote and fueled his campaign with bigotry and hate.”

The conference call was among her first comments since a Wednesday concession speech following her stunning loss to Trump. It echoes a memo her staff leaked about the loss that also cites Comey’s role as the deciding factor.

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What a classy, highly intelligent lady is Hillary Clinton.  She is completely on target as to what caused her defeat, FBI Director James Comey's two letters in the last few days of the presidential campaign when her momentum was climbing and Donald Trump's was deteriorating.

Frankly, I believe that this move by James Comey which changed the course and outcome of this election, as described by Rudy Giuliani two days before Comey produced his first letter regarding Hillary's emails (later said to be without merit) is reflective of a style of old white men, in both the FBI and the Republican Party's leadership, to keep a woman from becoming America's first Commander-in-Chief.

This election changes the course of the nation's trajectory and this world's trajectory.  It is my studied belief that the direction that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were taking our nation and world was based upon a spiritual foundation.  I see nothing but self-interest for America and for himself in Donald Trump's vision, if he even has a vision for humankind beyond self-interest and division, not communion, between all the people on this planet.