Chili dogs and peach pies: Georgia governor wagers over Falcons game


WASHINGTON – The stakes are high for this Sunday’s NFC Championship game pitting the Atlanta Falcons against the Green Bay Packers. Not only is a spot in the Super Bowl at stake, so are six-packs of booze from the leaders of Georgia and Wisconsin.

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker placed the wager on Wednesday featuring some of each state’s top products.

For Georgia, that means an ice-cold Coca Cola (which is not “pop,” his office says in the release), chili dogs from The Varsity, peach pies from Dickey Farms, Georgia peanuts and two six-packs of Creature Comforts’ Tropicalia.

For Wisconsin, that means a bit more than the usual beer-and-cheese assortment: Two six-packs of Leinenkugel’s Wisconsin Red Pale Ale, a box of chocolates from Seroogy’s Chocolates in De Pere, jars of honey from Wisconsin Natural Acres, assorted Wisconsin artisan cheeses, crackers and sausage. Oh, and a pair of Travel Wisconsin Old Fashioned glasses.

Deal said he’s “confident Falcons’ fans will be celebrating another win on Sunday before getting in a dig at Wisconsin’s weather.

“We are excited to host the Packers at the Georgia Dome. Given Sunday’s forecast, which is 68 degrees, our guess is that many Packers fans are excited too,” he said. “Falcons fans, let’s get ready to cheer our home team on to victory and show the world what it means to Rise Up.”

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Trude Sansbury
Trude Sansbury

Isn't it unseemly for our governor to gamble on sports? No casinos but okay to bet on sports? Deal, what is up with you and our dollars?

Bubba Fleenor
Bubba Fleenor

Great way to waste some tax dollars!! 3hr pep rally!! Why aren't they using this time to fix the roads or the water system?