David Perdue calls Sally Yates ‘irresponsible’ for defying Trump

Sally Quillian Yates. AJC Photo.

Sally Quillian Yates. AJC Photo.

As a growing number of Georgia Democrats cast Sally Yates as a hero for refusing to enforce President Donald Trump’s immigration ban, Republicans fired back at the recently-deposed acting attorney general from Atlanta.

One of the strongest statements came from U.S. Sen. David Perdue, who backed Yates at her 2015 confirmation hearing along with Sen. Johnny Isakson. Perdue said he has the “utmost respect” for Yates – and then dropped the hammer.

“Refusing to defend the United States is irresponsible. Under President Obama, our federal agencies were extremely politicized, and President Trump is trying to stop this trend,” said Perdue. “It is refreshing to see President Trump take action immediately instead of acting like a typical politician.”

Isakson said Trump “has a job to do to ensure the defense” of the nation, adding: “I respect his decision, and I thank Sally Yates for her service to this country.”

Georgia Democrats seized on Yates’ firing to raise cash and electrify their base.

The Democratic Party of Georgia sent out a fundraising letter urging partisans to “Stand With Sally Yates.” And a range of Democrats joined the effort Tuesday to recruit Yates, from rank-and-file activists to veteran strategists who worked on the campaigns of Michelle Nunn and Barack Obama.

“We need a governor who is willing to stand up to the president when he is wrong, and Yates proved that she is willing to stand up to him and do what is right,” wrote Tharon Johnson, who has advised both Obama and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, “even if it means losing her job and being called a traitor by the administration.”

Some Republicans, meanwhile, sound like they are spoiling for a fight.

“She failed to do her job. There’s no question about it,” said Conrad Quagliaroli, a member of the Cherokee Tea Party. “The hateful left will make heroes out of her and raise a ton of money off her. But Republicans won’t forget. She won’t have a prayer.”

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