Deborah Lipstadt: Trump administration is ‘flirting’ with Holocaust denial

Consider Emory University historian Deborah Lipstadt something of an expert on the topic of the Holocaust and those who would deny that it happened.

Back in 1996, she was sued by David Irving in a British court for characterizing some his work and public statements as an outright denial that the Final Solution ever happened.

She won. A movie about her encounter with Irving, “Denial,” came out last year.

Lipstadt now has a piece up on The Atlantic website, on what she calls the Trump administration’s “flirtation” with Holocaust denial – focusing on a White House statement released last Friday, Holocaust Remembrance Day, that made no mention of Jews or anti-Semitism. A taste:

The de-Judaization of the Holocaust, as exemplified by the White House statement, is what I term softcore Holocaust denial. Hardcore denial is the kind of thing I encountered in the courtroom…

Softcore denial uses different tactics but has the same end-goal. (I use hardcore and softcore deliberately because I see denial as a form of historiographic pornography.) It does not deny the facts, but it minimizes them, arguing that Jews use the Holocaust to draw attention away from criticism of Israel. Softcore denial also makes all sorts of false comparisons to the Holocaust.

Again, read the whole thing here.

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So if we asked "Bibi" Netanyahu, "who is the true friend of Israel and the jewish people, Donald Trump or Barrack Obama", what do you think he would say?  While I applaud Deborah Lipstadt's work in confronting Holocaust deniers, I think Bibi may be in a better position to judge Donald Trump than she is.  I also hope she is not one of these delusional Jews who thinks Barrack Obama is a friend of Israel or the jewish people.  If so, she is the one who has fallen into a "denial" camp.


I read the Atlantic piece by this woman who presumes to read minds and divine motives.