‘Die-in’ protest takes aim at Trump’s NRA speech in Atlanta

Donald Trump. AP/ Evan Vucci

Hundreds of demonstrators are expected to mass near the Georgia World Congress Center on Friday for a “die-in” protest against Donald Trump’s speech at the National Rifle Association convention in Atlanta.

The protest organized by gun control advocates will be held at Woodruff Park on the same day that Trump and other high-profile leaders, including Republican Sen. David Perdue and Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, address the NRA event.

The “die-in” is an offshoot of the weekly protests outside Perdue’s downtown Atlanta office that urge him to hold a town hall meeting. This event will feature 93 people lying on the grassy ground at Woodruff to represent what organizers say are the number of people who die daily in the U.S. from gun violence.

“The battle to hold our elected officials accountable is just beginning,” said Caroline Stover, an organizer of the Resist Trump Tuesday movement in Georgia. “We will continue to demand a town hall meeting with our Georgia members of Congress and insist on their support for issues we care about.“

More than 80,000 people are set to attend the NRA convention, which kicks off in Atlanta on Thursday evening and continues through Sunday.

Trump will be the first president since Ronald Reagan to the attend the event, which also marks the first time he’s returned to Atlanta since saying the congressional district that spans the city is in “horrible shape and falling apart.” He was assailing Rep. John Lewis after he said he would boycott Trump’s inauguration.


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After this event, I want to know two things:

1) Exactly how many people actually showed up to take part in the protest.

2) Exactly the number of people that got pay/expense money to attend.  

I do not like the idea of calling "paid protestors" just protestors.

I do not like the idea of calling a number in the "hundreds" when actually the number is less than 100 when the cause is liberal



I do not like the idea of insulting American citizens exercising their right to free speech by claiming they are paid to do so.  Just because Mr. Trump paid actors to applaud his now-famous descent on the escalator at the very beginning of his campaign does not mean anyone else engages in such deception.

Like you, I will wait to see how many actually participated.  I have found the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to be fair in its reporting.  I don't like falsified claims about crowd size, either.

Odysseus M Tanner
Odysseus M Tanner

Good heavens!  Most of those 93 daily "gun deaths" are suicides - not homicides!  The people are wise to the ruse of trying to inflate the numbers.


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