Another GOP video links Ossoff to Pelosi in 6th District

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. (Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)

Republican groups hoping to thwart Democrat Jon Ossoff’s 6th District bid think they’ve found a sweet spot by linking him to Nancy Pelosi – and they’re showing no sign of letting up.

At least a half-dozen attack ads so far have tied Ossoff to the House Minority Leader, including the web video launched Thursday by the National Republican Congressional Committee that features “Jon and Nancy.”

It features a picture of Ossoff flying back from a Washington fundraiser hosted by Pelosi and quotes from newspaper clippings mentioning her name.



More Pelosi ads are bound to launch ahead of the June 20 runoff against Republican Karen Handel. After all, it’s the second hit just this week featuring the California congresswoman.

The Congressional Leadership Fund debuted a TV ad Tuesday featuring folks dressed up as hipsters and hippies praising Ossoff as “one of us.”

We already have Nancy Pelosi as our Congresswoman,” says one, “now you’re going to give us Jon Ossoff as our Congressman.”

Ossoff has dismissed those attacks as “smears” from a predictable GOP playbook.

“I’ve been taking that artillery for months,” Ossoff said in a recent interview, “and outperformed significantly on April 18.”


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Atlanta media loves BOTH candidates and all the $$$ they are sinking into trashing each other. Keep it up Republicans and Democrats! Money is money and the media is having a field day all the way to the bank!


It would surprise me to hear that Nancy Pelosi wants to make Atlanta the Silicon Valley of the South, as Jon Ossoff has pledged to work toward. 

But if that's what the dark-money, SuperPac guys in DC and NY say is true, then I guess so!

After all, I'm just a dumb Georgian, and we dumb Georgians really need professional political operatives from DC and NY to explain to us how the world works. Thank you, SuperPac guys. 

It would also surprise me to hear that Nancy Pelosi wants to make rooting out corruption in DC a high priority, as Jon Ossoff does, but if that's what those guys in the $5,000 suits say is true, then who am I to disagree? I grew up here in Georgia, which I guess means I'm dumb — too dumb to know whether I'm dumb, I suppose. 

What would we do without these great guys in their Ray-Ban Aviator shades, with their completely honest ads, their much-needed money to hire our teenage kids to canvass in the Sixth District, and so on? 

Thanks, Corry Bliss of the Congressional Leadership Fund, along with your friends in the Republican Hit Squad, for the service you're providing to Atlanta and the State of Georgia.