Georgia 2018: David Shafer gets support from Bernie Marcus

State Sen. David Shafer. BOB ANDRES / BANDRES@AJC.COM

State Sen. David Shafer picked up a key endorsement in his bid for lieutenant governor.

The Gwinnett Republican earned the support of Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus, a Republican mega-donor and one of the state’s most prominent business leaders. Marcus said he backed Shafer because “he understands the importance of job creation and growth to the success of our great state.”

The battle lines are being drawn in the race to replace Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, who is running for governor.

Shafer seems more likely to consolidate support in the state Senate, with state Sen. Burt Jones – a potential rival – endorsing him last week and several other GOP senators backing off a run. He’s hoping to rally business groups behind him, too, with Marcus’ endorsement.

His main rival in the contest so far is state Rep. Geoff Duncan, who has his own key supporters. They include another well-heeled Republican donor: Health magnate Rick Jackson.

Former state Sen. Doug Stoner is among the Democrats eyeing the race.

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Lou Edna
Lou Edna

You get what you vote for poor people. Republicans are the party of the rich.


Shafer was THE roadblock against Sunday alcohol sales, including repeatedly killing it in committee and voting against it.  One of his buddies is a package store owner. He is scum.


@StevenRiley Wait. What? If he voted against Sunday alcohol sales even when one of his buddies was a package store owner, I would say he stands by his principles flawed as they may be.   


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