Key Trump backer endorses Watson in Georgia GOP race

The chair of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in Georgia endorsed John Watson to lead the Georgia GOP in next month’s contest.

Rayna Casey called Watson, a former aide to Sonny Perdue, the only contender in the four-candidate contest with a “proven record of success in winning elections.”

“Why take a chance with a likeable amateur when we have a professional willing to volunteer his strategic political expertise, including raising millions, to win our elections?” she wrote in a dispatch sent to GOP activists across the state.

John Watson

Watson faces three other candidates in the June 3 vote to chair the party: DeKalb attorney Alex Johnson, GOP vice-chair Michael McNeely and District 12 chair Mike Welsh. All four candidates vow to help shore up the state party’s beleaguered fundraising and build out a network to keep Georgia in GOP hands.

Casey, a prolific GOP fundraiser, has become a sought-after endorsement in Georgia political races. She endorsed Republican Karen Handel on the eve of the April 18 special election. And she said she would support Nick Ayers, another former Perdue aide, should he run for governor.

Michael McNeely and Herman Cain.

McNeely’s campaign, meanwhile, recently rolled out its own high-profile endorsement. Ex-presidential candidate Herman Cain, now a talk show host on WSB, said he was impressed with McNeely’s poise and message. (WSB is owned by Cox Media Group, which also owns the AJC.)

“Every time I go and speak at a Republican event, he’s there. He’s been active, he’s been out there,” Cain said on WSB, adding that he has close ties to both the grassroots and the business community. “He gets it.”




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All you have to do is "Like" his page and he will put your name up on the header also. Doesn't mean you actually "like" him. How do I know? Because I personally know some of the people listed, not names on a piece of paper.  Why did he put Karen Handel's picture on his copy in FaceBook?  People still don't get it, "the traditional mediating or guiding institutions within the Republican universe — its establishment, respected voices in conservative media, sober-minded state party officials — have little to no impact on Mr. Trump’s rise."  Rayna Casey had so little to do with Trump's election it is meaningless.  The shift has occurred, repudiating the Establishment and will continue as Principles guide the Republican Brand over Politics.


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