Handel dismisses Ossoff’s record-setting fundraising: ‘It means nothing’

Republican Karen Handel on Saturday dismissed Democratic opponent Jon Ossoff’s recent record-setting fundraising haul as her campaign prepared its final get-out-the-vote push during the final days of early voting in Georgia’s 6th District special election.

Handel said 6th District voters can see through Ossoff’s $15 million fundraising haul, which was collected in a staggering six-week period.

“It means nothing,” Handel said following a morning meet-and-greet with about 200 supporters at a barbecue restaurant in Marietta. “It means that an ultra-liberal, backed by Nancy Pelosi, is trying to steal this seat and we’re not going to let it happen.”

She said voters here “are not interested in people from California, Massachusetts and New York buying this seat.”

Handel reported pulling in $3.8 million worth of donations over the same period. That’s a more than respectable sum for an ordinary congressional race, but this nationally-watched contest has rapidly become the most expensive ever run.

During a short stump speech in Marietta, Handel continued to hammer Ossoff on his connection to Pelosi much as she did during this week’s debates. She mentioned the first female speaker of the House a half-dozen times in her six minute-long speech. A recent AJC poll shows why: 58 percent of likely voters in the 6th hold an unfavorable view of the Californian.

The former secretary of state also indicated she wasn’t dwelling on a recent Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll that had her running behind Ossoff.

“It wouldn’t matter if a poll had either one of us up by 20 today. It’s irrelevant,” Handel told reporters. “It is about who is coming to the polls, and we can see with the numbers coming in early voting that it is most certainly trending my way.”

“We just really have to keep the momentum going,” she added.

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"...ultra-liberal, backed by Nancy Pelosi,..." totally dated strategy. Gimme a break. 

Pensacola Pete
Pensacola Pete

I am a former Georgian and believe in the American Democracy.  I consider it to be under threat by Trump and most of the Republicans, such as Ms. Handel.  As one may see from my screen name, I am not from New York nor California.  I am actually not even a liberal, but I have contributed more to Jon Ossoff's campaign than any other political campaign in my 70 year old life. Let's put it this way, the amount I've given to the Ossoff campaign has 4 zeros and a comma.