Georgia 2018: David Shafer earns support of PSC members in bid for LG

State Sen. David Shafer. BOB ANDRES / BANDRES@AJC.COM

State Sen. David Shafer picked up the endorsements from all five members of the Georgia Public Service Commission in his bid for lieutenant governor.

The Gwinnett Republican earned the support of Commissioners Tim Echols, Bubba McDonald, Stan Wise, Doug Everett and Chuck Eaton. The GOP commissioners all offered supportive quotes on Tuesday.

“Shafer has been my ‘go to’ guy in the State Senate,” said McDonald. “He will make a great lieutenant governor and I am glad that he is running.”

Wise said Shafer’s supporters “know and respect his ability, experience and work ethic. So do I.” Everett called him a “work horse, not a show pony” and Eaton credited him as “one of the great builders of the modern Georgia Republican Party.”

Echols said Shafer is “one of the great conservative leaders of the Georgia General Assembly on issues I really care about – life, family, faith and fiscal responsibility.”

The battle lines are being drawn in the race to replace Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, who is running for governor. State Sen. Rick Jeffares and state Rep. Geoff Duncan are also in the race, but so far Shafer has locked up much of the establishment.

Former state Rep. Ronnie Mabra and ex-state Sen. Doug Stoner are among the Democrats eyeing the race.

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Michael Wynn
Michael Wynn

That should be enough to strike him from the ballot.