In the midst of a race for governor, Stacey Abrams lands a book deal

So it looks like we’ll have a battle of biographical narratives in the 2018 Democratic race for governor:

NEW YORK — Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has a book deal.


Henry Holt and Co. told the Associated Press on Wednesday that Abrams’ ”Minority Leader: How to Lead from the Outside and Make Real Change” is scheduled for next spring. According to Holt, her book will combine her life story with “real-world, how-to advice” for women and minorities “who must grapple with the implications of race, class, gender and otherness.” Abrams, a Democrat, is hoping to become the country’s first black woman governor. She is calling her book “’Lean In’ for the rest of us.”


“This is a book about how potent and compelling being the minority can be and how it can transform your destiny when properly harnessed,” she said in a statement.

The terms were not revealed. We’re presuming that this would be the first non-fiction book for Abrams, who resigned as House minority leader last month. However, under the pseudonym of Selena Montgomery, Abrams has written several romance novels.

State Rep. Stacey Evans of Smyrna is the only other Democrat of note in the race for governor. Both she and Abrams are lawyers. Last month, Evans launched her campaign with a YouTube video that told of a rough, blue-collar upbringing in north Georgia.

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Stacey Evans is our best shot for Govenor. She has donated a huge chunk of the settlement she won about the dialysis clinics ripping off Medicaid to a scholarship fund for first Generation students at UGA law school. She has been fighting to keep the Hope scholarship funded.

Stacey Abrams just showed us she is all about her self, just like the Republicans.


Neither of these frontrunners stand a chance in our state, sadly. But, I admire them both for jumping in and running.


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