Jeff Flake: Donald Trump is ‘inviting’ a 2020 GOP primary opponent

As you know, Jeff Flake, the Arizona senator often derided by President Donald Trump, was on GPB’s “Political Rewind” on Wednesday to talk about his new book, which wonders what happened to Republicans and conservatism.

As it turns out, the Washington Beltway crowd decided that he had made news. The penultimate question came from host Bill Nigut, who asked whether Trump’s behavior was likely to generate a GOP primary opponent in 2020. (Subtext: A book tour is one of the signs that a politician may be contemplating that very move.) Said Flake:

“I think that the way that — the direction he’s headed right now, just kind of drilling down on the base rather than trying to expand the base — I think he’s inviting one.”

Both CNN and Politico picked up on Flake’s thoughts. If couldn’t catch the show live, listen to it here now:

Wednesday’s panelists: Nigut, yours truly, and Macon Telegraph columnist Charles Richardson.

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