Georgia governor’s top lawyer takes off for Delta


Gov. Nathan Deal tapped a new executive counsel on Monday after his top attorney landed a new job leading the lobbying team for Delta Air Lines.

David Werner is Gov. Nathan Deal'a new executive counsel. File.

David Werner was Gov. Nathan Deal’s executive counsel. File.

David Werner is jetting to the Atlanta-based airline after less than a year as the governor’s executive counsel. He was previously the chief operating officer for Georgia’s economic development arm and also a former state chief operating officer.

He’ll be succeeded by Carey Miller, who is now the deputy executive counsel and public safety policy adviser in the governor’s office.

Werner is a long-time Deal deputy – the governor called him an “instrumental member of my administration” since 2010 – who was part of his inner circle. He was among a trio of staffers who took temporary leave from the state to join Deal’s campaign in 2014 and one of a dwindling number of the Republican’s loyalists who have stayed in the office for most of the governor’s 7-year stint.

Delta, meanwhile, has sought to beef up its presence in the Gold Dome since lawmakers in 2015 eliminated a tax credit that saved the airline about $23 million a year to help pay for transportation improvements.


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