‘Political Rewind’ replay: Movement on guns? Eh, not so much

Today’s edition of GPB’s “Political Rewind” continued to digest last weekend’s inhumanity in Las Vegas, and the political reactions to one man’s ability to mow down scores of people with legally altered rifles that mimic automatic weapons.

The National Rifle Association indicated it would be willing to talk about banning “bump stocks” that allow a semi-automatic to fire up to nine rounds per second. The panel noted that the NRA wanted this done by federal regulation – not an actual bill that would expose members of Congress to votes on many other amendments.

Also a topic: A certain secretary of state who may or may not have referred to President Donald Trump with the “m” word.

If you couldn’t catch it live, click below to listen now:

Today’s panelists: Host Bill Nigut; yours truly; “Uncle” Buddy Darden, the former Georgia congressman; and Loretta Lepore, a Republican governmental affairs specialist.

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