As some GOP colleagues back away from Trump, Perdue fortifies ties

President Donald Trump shakes hands with Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) during an immigration announcement at the White House in August. Zach Gibson – Pool/Getty Images

After President Donald Trump spent a recent morning trading barbs with Tennessee U.S. Sen. Bob Corker on Twitter, reporters on Capitol Hill swarmed his Republican colleague David Perdue.

Most of the journalists stuck to a similar theme: What did the Georgia freshman senator think of the president’s personal attacks on his friend and mentor? Did that mark a turning point in Perdue’s steadfast support of Trump?

Perdue wouldn’t take the reporters’ bait following Trump’s tussle with Corker.

Perhaps more than any of his colleagues, Perdue has defended Trump’s almost every move, brushing aside questions about his ally’s most provocative actions, pronouncements and tweets. The news media and general public, Perdue says, should not get bogged down in the controversy of the day but instead focus on the president’s broader policy agenda, which in many ways mirrors Perdue’s own.

Trump’s public clashes with several of Perdue’s Senate GOP colleagues has caused some in the upper chamber to back away from the president. But Perdue has taken a noticeably different tack

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well perdue's not very smart.....runs in that family....Go Fish!

jezel-dog / Coach - me
jezel-dog / Coach - me

Russia waged a sophisticated and systematic propaganda campaign to damage Hillary Clinton and boost Donald Trump, leading to his Electoral College victory.

jezel-dog / Coach - me
jezel-dog / Coach - me

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